iPhone 6 May Come With Anti-Theft Features

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) knows iPhone thefts are common which is why the tech giant incorporated anti-theft switches with iOS 7. Now it looks like the company is ready to take a new approach with the upcoming iPhone 6.

apple iphone 6 patent

A closer look at the patent application

A look at one Apple patent application titled “Generating notifications based on user behavior” which enables the iDevice to employ user behavior recognition techniques that determine if the current owner is using the device. When the patterns do not match user behavior, an alert or notification is triggered.

This system uses pattern recognition while learning to nix unusual behavior. This means any form of user interaction or input in the device with the device will be compiled in one place for user data acquisition. This may include system data such as location, input gesture patterns, and motion sensor data. It also stores data such as grammar, vocabulary, and keyboard orientation preferences for later for analysis.

apple iphone 6 patent

The iPhone 6 patent’s unique features

What makes this patent unique is the fact it constantly monitors user behavior and it compares it to previous data stored on the phone. An example of this is when the iPhone’s accelerometer generates data about the current user’s gait then compares it to other information to other data stored on a remote server or onboard. The more time the user spends with their phone, the more data is generated. If privacy is an issue for the user, the system can be programmed to ignore specific behaviors or locations. If the user opts for such programming, the relative position and generalizations then replace granular data to protect users from intrusion.

The pattern learning feature also knows how to group behavior classifications and data into smaller clusters rather than analyzing each action separately. This helps prevent computational stress.

via: AppleInsider