GoPro Inc Launches New ‘Sportsman Mount’

GoPro Inc Launches New ‘Sportsman Mount’

GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO)’s action cameras are never meant to be held in your hand. These cams make sense only when you mount them in places or things where a regular camcorder doesn’t fit. That’s the reason GoPro makes a lot of mounting solutions and accessories to mount the camera on almost anything from sports cars to surfboards to even eagles.

Yet another mounting solution from GoPro

GoPro has now launched a new Sportsman Mount for people who perform activities involving round, long, rod-shaped objects. The new clamp mount lets users attach their cameras to things like fishing rods, gun barrels, poles and hunting bows. You can attach the new Sportsman Mount to any stick-like object with 10-23 cm in diameter.

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The Sportsman Mount is attached to the rear of the GoPro housing rather than the regular mounting attachment. So, users can easily attach two cameras facing in opposite directions. The San Mateo-based company claims that it gives extra stability if there is recoil. GoPro has priced the new mount at $70. The company also launched a new accessory, the Blackout Housing, which has a waterproof casing and matte finish. It helps you look cool and stay stealthy while outdoors.

GoPro spending heavily on R&D

The Nicholas Woodman-led company has a lot going for it. Its stock has shot up more than 66% since going public on June 26. People love its product. And GoPro has been profitable even before going public, unlike many other high-profile IPOs. The company generated $986 million in revenues and $61 million profits last year. Most importantly, there is little competition in the market it operates in.

GoPro’s sales soared 87% last year. The company is increasing its R&D expenditure to keep developing cool new products. During the latest quarter, GoPro spent 12% of its revenue on R&D. In contrast, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) spends only about 3% of its total revenue on research activities.


GoPro shares fell 3% to $42 in pre-market trading Thursday.

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