Apple Inc. Is Hiring A Team To Improve Siri

Siri is just one of the many features that gives Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS a major edge over competitors. The voice-activated personal assistant makes it easy for users to send messages, schedule meetings, obtain directions to a specific place, make phone calls, and more. So it’s not surprising Apple wants to continually improve the product with new features and enhancements.

Apple Inc. Is Hiring A Team To Improve Siri

Apple creates a special team for Siri

The latest report claims Apple created a group of software engineers and researchers from Nuance Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:NUAN), the same firm which creates Siri’s voice-recognition functionality. Over the last few years, Apple hired a small number of high-level speech researchers which included the company’s former VP of research Larry Gillick. Some of these researchers also work inside Apple’s Boston office, the same location rumored last year working on Siri’s technology.

Although the next version of Siri with iOS 8 still has the technology features from Nuance, there is still a possibility Apple could add its own in-house voice recognition. We already know the next Siri will feature a small number of improvements including music recognition from Shazam, hands-free voice activation, streaming voice activation, and more.

Nuance’s rumored talk with Samsung

Earlier last month, it was reported Nuance Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:NUAN) was talking to Apple’s main rival Samsung about a potential buy-up. No word on if a deal was reached and/or how it would affect Nuance’s relationship with Apple. The partnership between Apple and Nuance wasn’t known for quite some time as the deal remained a secret for a long time. That all changed in 2013 when Paul Ricci (chief executive officer for Nuance) confirmed the partnership and said Nuance technology powers Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

Apple’s Siri is an integral part of iOS and it would not be at all surprising if Apple found a way to revolutionize this technology into something more than just a personal assistant.