Deutsche Bank’s Jain: ‘Europe is stable now’, ECB Succeeding

Deutsche Bank’s Jain: ‘Europe is stable now’, ECB Succeeding
By Deutsche Bank AG (GIF format logo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Anshu Jain, Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE:DB) (FRA:DBK) Co-CEO and Co-Chairman, spoke with Bloomberg Television’s Stephanie Ruhle today about the bank’s business strategy, financial regulation and industry outlook.

Jain discussed opportunities in Europe: “Europe is stable now, so two years ago, people were calling for the demise of the Eurozone. People were talking about the default of Italy. Greece is going through a very difficult time. Let’s really acknowledge what Europe has accomplished. Two institutions have been built.  The OMT program is highly successful. The ECB has done a lot to create stability. We’re now going through the single supervisory mechanism process, which I think will be very good as well. You are right in saying GDP growth is still slow to come and I think that really will be the challenge over the next few years.”

He also noted: “We still see enough opportunity in emerging markets where I think it’s worth braving those considerations.”

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