Google+ Adds Page View Count To Profiles


Google+ has added a small new feature to its profile page, which many people might find interesting. The social network now displays the total number of times your content has been seen by others. This number is the sum of your profile, post and photo views since October 2012.

This statistic can be found on any Google+ page, including business pages. The view count is visible below the user’s profile photo and next to the followers count.

You can also hide page view counts on Google+

If you’re not comfortable with this, and would rather hide your pageviews, then you can do this from your profile settings. Simply uncheck the option for “Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.”

This isn’t the first time that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has highlighted such statistics. People who upload photos to Google+ can also see their view counts. This detail is only listed if the photo has more than 250 view counts. Right now this is the only content type that Google+ clearly breaks down to its users.

It is always interesting to see such statistics, but this time, everyone can have a look at how many times your content has been seen by others, and not just the user his/herself. In fact, it would be really interesting to see view counts of brands and celebrities, but this shouldn’t be considered a measuring factor for how much popular that brand, celebrity or person is.

Google also recently added the ability to see Google Analytics stats right from the Google+ dashboard. If you manage a page, then you can view monthly metrics right from your Google+ dashboard. In the future, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) might be expanding the analytics that are displayed to its users.

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