BlackBerry Ltd ‘Classic’ To Make Its Debut In November

BlackBerry Ltd ‘Classic’ To Make Its Debut In November
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) announced during MWC 2014 that a new device called BlackBerry Classic was in the works. Not much information was available at that time as far as the looks, specs and availability of this new model of BlackBerry, except for the fact that like the old BlackBerry devices, the new one is also expected to come with an integrated trackpad. However, some hint on the launch of the device might be available now.

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BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen has revealed, in a recent interview with USA Today, that it is very possible Classic will be released in November, although no date has been formally announced.

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BlackBerry Classic, productive and secure

In an interview, Chen told that BlackBerry Classic will include a keyboard and a good touch-screen. Users will be able to browse faster on the device, which will come with multimedia capability. Also, the model will be “very productive and very secure.”

So, all the familiar things that people love, with some new technology updated. That will come out in November along with the server that helps companies manage devices,” told Chen.

At the time of announcing the device, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB)’s CEO said that this new model is an ‘enhanced version’ that will come with a touch pad as well as a 3.5 inch touchscreen. Some function keys of the older versions will also be there such as Menu, Back, Send and End buttons that will be placed above the screen. They have even worked on providing a better battery life than with other BlackBerry handsets. It’ll run BlackBerry 10.

Two specific milestones

Chen also revealed that the company has twovery specific milestones.” One is to become cash-flow positive from operations by the end of this fiscal year, and the second one is to be profitable within the next fiscal year.

Explaining the reasons behind the unprofitable BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) handset business, Chen said “the entire industry does not carry very high margin,” and added that volume matters lot. So, when volume is down it becomes difficult to make money from the business. The CEO also accepted “the way we designed some of our products in the past,” as a reason for the struggle.

At 11.37 a.m., BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) shares were down 0.07% at $7.14 on the Nasdaq.

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  1. they are already currently wasting their time, due to continuing to lose market share. Yes I could see Apple ignoring my plea if I was dealing with them, because Apple is not desperate for a fix, they are growing and doing fine. What I see is Blackberry is not desperate enough to try anything, they would rather shut the doors and take the money in severance pay and run.

  2. I’m sure Chen and company get lots of people claiming to have the best idea since the mobile pager with email capabilities. What makes you think that you have the reputation or connections that would convince BlackBerry that your worth even 2 minutes of their time? I could send them a message and tell them the same things you did. I don’t actually have a new design idea at all but they surely can’t check with everyone. So they leave it to the pros. If your smart and you do have a great idea then you need to patent it and then give the design to BlackBerry. If they like it then they will need to meet your terms in order to build it. Anything short of that and it proves you have no clue.

  3. I have sent them a formula, enough information that if the mail room operator would have had enough sense to understand it Thorsten would have replied.

  4. I have no intentions on giving any information unless Blackberry agrees to terms and conditions. Jamie if I was able to show you my work space you would be completely awed.

  5. Moc it up and post it on Crackberry then. BlackBerry staff commonly surf there reading suggestions and looking at design ideas. I don’t know how you address the brand damage but good luck

  6. they don’t have to battle Apple or Android, because this device does not relate to the competitors device whatsoever. In fact the competitors will be paying Blackberry royalties for use of this design. I am not a genius whatsoever the solution is as simple as can be. I guarantee this new design would become standard in the industry, this was meant for Blackberry to adopt. Jamie I do not wish to harm Blackberry, they need to have faith in others.

  7. BlackBerry can’t sell phones because their consumer brand is damaged. They have produced phones that would sell well with an Apple logo on it. When BlackBerry became successful they only focused on the corporate and government clients. The consumers wanted to look like the big wigs so they started buying them. Going back to what made them great in the first place is smart, they no longer have the money to battle Apple and Samsung for consumer dominance. You offer no solutions, you simply complain about everything BlackBerry does.

  8. its up to Blackberry to take a chance and investigate this claim on my terms, if I am wrong “which I know I’m not” I require NO compensation. Put it this way, the consumer will be throwing their Android and Apple devices away due to this new design. This design also puts Apples and samsungs finger print gesture for access to shame. even typing out texting somewhat becomes obsolete, and no voice activated gestures are needed and no it does not read your mind .

  9. OK fair enough, what design do you think will save the company? It’s not touch screen phones of various screen sizes because both the Z10 and Z30 failed to gain traction.

  10. if the older phones were still in demand, Blackberry would not be in this situation. why are you not understanding this. Blackberry’s market share is still diminishing at a alarming rate. Re: “Chen obviously feels” Thorsten already tried that route well except for the trackpad part.

  11. I do not hate Blackberry, if I did I would not be on here. You are the one that’s hates Blackberry due to supporting Chen in doing the wrong thing. Now the Globe and mail is stating that Chen is pondering in giving up the handset bus. if he gives up the handset bus without investigating a handset design that I know for a fact will changes things for the betterment of Blackberry he should be ousts. My true intent is to put Blackberry back on top through products that would be a game changer for the troubled Canadian tech company.

  12. I personally use the Z30 and don’t plan on buying the Q20. I for one would like to see them continue to focus on full touch phones but as you are well aware, they aren’t selling enough. In the last quarter they sold more BB7 OS phones than BB10, why do you think that is? Chen obviously feels (and I’m sure he is more plugged in than you are) that it’s because the form factor of the older phones is still in demand more so than the full touch

  13. You hate BlackBerry for the sake of it. The answer to your question is on my original post. The Q10 doesn’t have a track pad or navigation keys, two things many people complained about from within the business and government sectors. For those reasons many of them didn’t upgrade to the Q10. With this phone BlackBerry hopes to move the remaining Bold uses to the BB10 OS.

  14. My intent is to steer BlackBerry in the right direction. Just because I don’t support what Chen is doing for the company does not mean I’m being negative. Truthfulness and negatively are two different things. You supporting Chen in doing things wrong has a negative impact on the company and promotes him to continue down the wrong path.

  15. The Bold 9900 represents old and obsolete, the Q20 represents cutting edge technology in a form factor that was and still is extremely popular with the demographic that BlackBerry want’s to focus on right now, big business and government. Typing long emails is much better on a physical keyboard and the trackpad is leagues above the rest for copy and pasting. I hope the specs are top notch.

  16. This phone is aimed at business pros. Have you ever copied and pasted on a touch screen phone? It doesn’t make a difference which one your using, if it’s a full touch screen it is much harder than a phone with a physical keyboard and a track pad. It’s the one thing that I really miss since giving up my Bold 9900 over a year ago. By the way, BlackBerry 10 phones are the most advanced phones on the market and that’s a fact. It’s true that they don’t sell very well but the people who have them love them for what they can do that no other phone can. Spending the last year and a half surfing the internet for articles to bash BlackBerry just screams desperation and indicates that you need a healthy hobby in a serious way. Get a life dude.

  17. you are absolutely correct Tuco, this is what I have been trying to say. All Blackberry supporters are calling me negative for telling it like it is. I know exactly what Blackberry needs to make this work. John Chen does not care because he wins as Thorten did whether he saves this company or not. If the case was John Chen loses everything he owns if he fails, I bet then I would be getting a call in hopes of reviving this company. Its pretty sad when a CEO makes a $20M lottery win for failing, I bet Thorsten is as happy as can be now.

  18. Sam so far I have been 100% correct about Blackberry prior to the launch of Blackberry 10 and devices. How can you support Chen in what he is doing?? are you not interested in seeing Blackberry survive? I know for a fact through pure innovation I can turn the faith of investors in truly believing Blackberry is in turnaround mode. Leaving Chen to operate this company, it would be in your best interests to sell Sam and as quick as you can.

  19. they announced Z3 will come in April 2014, nope it’s not there, it’s already the end of April.
    so why do they announce anything that they can not deliver?

  20. NOPE sorry to say, but classic represents old and obsolete. To depend on something that was created several years ago proves lack of innovation. Save your money Foxconn, I would not manufacturer that phone unless your prepared for a major write down.

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