David Winters On Coke, Value Investing And More

David Winters On Coke, Value Investing And More
Image source: Wintergreen Funds

David Winters has popped into the news with his harsh criticism of Coke. However, we have long followed the famous value investor here. It was an exciting week as Winters appeared for an interview on WealthTrack. Below are further details, and we will have more coverage on Monday (sign up for our free newsletter to ensure you do not miss the article).

More often than not, WEALTHTRACK guests march to the beat of a different drum. Wintergreen Fund’s David Winters, a value investor who describes himself as the opposite of an index hugger, has more than 60% of his portfolio invested in companies based overseas and has recently taken a stand against Coca Cola management and Warren Buffett!

David Winters video and MUCH MORE below

Via WealthTrack

Massif Capital’s Top Short Bets In The Real Asset Space [Exclisuve]

Screenshot 2022 08 10 18.57.51 1Since its founding by Will Thomson and Chip Russell in June 2016, the Massif Capital Real Asset Strategy has outperformed all of its real asset benchmarks. Since its inception, the long/short equity fund has returned 9% per annum net, compared to 6% for the Bloomberg Commodity Index, 3% for the 3 MSCI USA Infrastructure index