Volcker rule could kill reemergence of CLOs

Volcker rule could kill reemergence of CLOs (via Futures Magazine)

By Kristen Haunss, Bloomberg February 5, 2014 • Reprints Morgan Stanley cut its collateralized loan obligation forecast by as much as 27 percent to $55 billion as issuance slowed last month because of questions about the Volcker Rule’s impact on…

The Hedge Fund Manager Who Broke Even When Most Other Funds Got Killed

Moez Kassam of Anson FundsWhen investors are looking for a hedge fund to invest their money with, they usually look at returns. Of course, the larger the positive return, the better, but what about during major market selloffs? It may be easy to discount a hedge fund's negative return when everyone else lost a lot of money. However, hedge Read More


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