Intel Corporation (INTC) Investor Day: What To Expect?

Intel Corporation (INTC) Investor Day: What To Expect?
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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) will host its Investor’s Day on November 21, which would be held after 18 months since the last investors day on May 12. The event will be an important one if William Holt, GM of Intel’s Manufacturing Group makes an appearance, says a report by Jefferies analysts Mark Lipacis, Sundeep Bajikar and Delos Elder.  

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Also, the stock is estimated to see some upside following the event.

Significant announcement expected

Based on Mr. Holt’s previous presentations at Jefferies’ May-13 TMT investor conference, a broker conference in 2007, and at previous Intel events (Tri-Gate at Intel’s 2011 Investor Meeting, High-K Metal Gate in 2007), analysts believe that his presence in the coming event indicates an announcement regarding innovation around III-V materials, which will keep Intel on the Moore’s Law cost curve.

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Shift in messages

Analysts have compared this investor day’s potential agenda with that of previous one, and have noted main differences in messages, such as the CEO’s message shifting from “Ultrabooks” to “Mobile and Intel Everywhere”. The CFO has changed the message from “More CapEx on Buildings/Land” to “Less Capex on Buildings/Land and More Free Cash Flow,” and the GM of PC Client Group’s message shifts from “Highest PC Growth in Ultrabooks/All-in-Ones/Business” to “High Growth in Low Cost/Low Power PCs.”

R&D efforts from Intel impressive

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has invested significantly, around $29 billion, in the R&D over the past three years compared to rival TSMC, who has spent around $4 billion. More investment in R&D has taken Intel to a higher podium compared to its competitors, and Intel is still on the rise. The investment in R&D will significantly pay off by gaining a share in tablets and smartphones, believe analysts.

Various R&D efforts of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) over the past three years include compounds made from elements in the III-V groups of the periodic table that are known to have greater electron mobility compared to silicon, and thus can bear overheating.

Also, the chipmaker launched tri-gate transistors in May 2011, and Haswell is the second generation of this technology. According to the analysts, Intel will keep on developing and optimizing tri-gate transistors in the third generation that will ship Broadwell chips in 2014.

Analysts have a Buy rating on Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) with a price target of $30.00.

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