iOS 7 Jailbreak Is In Progress, According to Planetbeing

iOS 7 Jailbreak Is In Progress, According to Planetbeing
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iOS 7 has been available to the public for a couple of weeks. However, jailbreak developers have started to work on jailbreaking iOS 7.

Many of you might be eager to know the current status of the iOS 7 jailbreak scene. Fortunately, we have some good news for you, courtesy of Planetbeing.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Is In Progress, According to Planetbeing

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For those who don’t know, Planetbeing is a member of the Evad3rs team of hackers, which is responsible for the iOS 6 jailbreak. Apart from Planetbeing, the team also consists of Pod2G, Pimskeks and MuscleNerd. These all are very popular names in the jailbreak community.

Planetbeing recently tweeted that they’re working hard on the iOS 7 untethered Jailbreak and they may have all the pieces at this point.

iOS 7 jailbreak to be launched at least in 2-3 months

He didn’t provide any date for the release, but we shouldn’t be expecting the jailbreak to arrive anytime soon. If it’s anything like the iOS 6 jailbreak, and that difficult, then we should expect the iOS 7 jailbreak to be launched at least in 2-3 months.

Apple has also increased the difficulty level of jailbreaking newer iOS versions, and the iOS 7 will be no exception. Apple wouldn’t want developers to easily jailbreak their OS, but as it has happened always, sooner or later we get our hands on jailbreak. Apple’s efforts always go in vain.

Claims of iOS 7 being jailbroken

Until now, there have been many claims of iOS 7 being jailbroken, but those were all fake ones. We should only trust news from reputable developers who’ve done this task in the past. Planetbeing, in this case, is without a doubt a very reputable hacker.

Now that he has at least shed some light on the current jailbreak scene, we know where we are. We’ll keep you updated with more news as we hear it.

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