Hulu Plus Lands To Google Chromecast

Hulu Plus Lands To Google Chromecast
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Hulu Plus content can now be accessed on TVs through Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Chromecast device, says a blogpost by Karan Nischol, senior product manager at Hulu. The blog posted Wednesday said that Hulu’s team has worked together with Google to develop the app, and the new app will makes Hulu Plus content easier to control on TV. The user will be able to watch all the shows on TV with a simple tap on a mobile device screen.

Hulu Plus Lands To Google Chromecast

Comes with special features

Also, the app is equipped with s custom remote control with play/pause, along with 10 second rewind. Nischol said further that the app has been designed to toggle the Hulu Plus content simultaneously with playing a video on the television. Hulu Plus will be available on Android phones, tablets, and iPads, while the iPhone will soon be equipped with the feature.

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“You also have the option to enable captions or go straight to your favorite TV moment – like the exact moment of Mindy’s proposal on The Mindy Project,” Nischol wrote, “Right from your mobile phone or tablet.”

Hulu is the latest one to join the string of apps like Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX), Youtube, Google Play movies and Google Play music on Chromecast. The Hulu and Chromecast agreement does not come as a surprise, as it previously announced the streaming of Hulu Plus and HBO Go. However, HBO Go is still not available on Chromecast.

Hulu Plus will make Chromecast more attractive

In the summer, Google launched the Chromecast device for $35, which was enough to lure users, but limited options by Google was one hurdle in the way of Chromecast’s success. However, Google launched a simple plug & play setup with a brilliant set of remote functions for the Netflix app, through which subscribers found it easier to search and watch movies compared to standard remote controls. With the addition of Hulu Plus, Google Chromecast now becomes a much more viable option for consumers, who can watch current network episodes along with Netflix shows.

The current development bodes well with Google as the anxious subscribers of Chromecast are waiting for more content and options and for other services like HBO Go and Pandora.

Hulu will also benefit

Hulu is also set to benefit from this as Chromecast is available at low prices compared to pricey competitors like Roku 3 and Apple TV set top boxes at $99 each. Chromecast can expand itself to new users to stream on-demand video through TV, which could increase the user base for Hulu Plus.

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