David winters on Why Coke is Now His Top Stock [VIDEO]

David winters on Why Coke is Now His Top Stock [VIDEO]

David Winters, CEO of Wintergreen Advisors, explains why Coca-Cola is his favorite stock in the U.S. “You can get rich if you’re patient” he says.


i think people should take some of their money swin vest. i think life will go on, the future is bright. and we think there’s lots to do and to step away from the fear and the gloom. where to put money? things to do in the u.s. and overseas. we like various companies like we love wind cow, capitalizes on what’s going on in the far east. it’s still a cheap stock. we love rischma, people fall in love every day. one of the favorites in states, coca-cola. strip out the bottlers and you’re getting coke at a 11 or 12 multiple with a better yield than treasuries. we think you can get rich. david — if patient. those are great compans. does anything that happens on the macro fund affect the way you allocate to them? is there any news that could possibly come out that would change your viewpoint or are those recommendations that you buy pretty much no matter what congress or europe or anything else does? if you have a complete meltdown, it affects everything. people are thirsty every day, josh. agree. people want to look good since the beginning of time. but i think if you focus on what’s knowable and avoid what’s unknowable, you can be one of the richest people in the country over time. david, why would you strip the bottlers out of coke? does coke have plans to strip the bottlers out of the company. coca-cola’s improving the bottling network. the management are making it better. the bottlers are not big earners, they’re eida type company. it’s a drag and they exist even if they get more — pete, question. how about you said wind mccau. how do you decide just wind mccau. mccau is the center of where the chinese go to have fun. and 30 million visitors we think it’s 50 over time and the stock is cheap and has nevada rules. you get paid 4.5%.

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