Intel Corporation (INTC) IDF: What To Expect

Intel Corporation (INTC) IDF: What To Expect
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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) will host its annual developers forum (IDF) from September 10-12, and Stifel analysts Kevin E. Cassidy and Dean Grumlose have noted some key points to focus on: new strategic changes brought in by the new CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CPU and system-on-chip plans, and a silicon process roadmap.

Intel Corporation (INTC) IDF: What To Expect

Analysts expect that since the new CEO is from a manufacturing background, his strategy will mainly be inspired by process technology.

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Haswell based convertible PCs, an item to watch for

Stifel analysts note that the much talked about Haswell product launch has been “fairly muted.” Also, the analysts feel that though Intel is launching more versions of this CPU, most PCs launched currently are not that impressive. In the upcoming event, the analysts are waiting for an announcement over Haswell based convertible PCs with +8 hours battery life and below $700 price. This kind of product will be crucial to revive Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC).

Expecting updates on Bay Trail based tablets

The analysts are also looking forward to more detail on 22nm Bay Trail SoC platforms as Bay Tail can diminish the line between Pcs and tablets. It would be interesting to know more about the mobile product plans of CEO Krzanich. According to  expectations, the power and performance of the 32nm Medfield Atom platform is similar to that of ARM-based solutions, and Intel can take a stride with upcoming 22nm Merrifield platform, which should be in mass production in the fourth quarter. Additionally, analysts are also looking forward to information on 14 nm Airmont Shrink, which is the immediate successor to Silvermont.

Analysts are expecting updates on Bay Trail based tablets, which would most probably be shipped in retail channels sometime in October from companies like Asustek, Acer and Lenovo. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) may also provide some insight into Bay Trail M-based notebooks, which are expected to arrive in stores in November and December.

Other expected updates from Intel

Stifel analysts expect Intel to give details on lower cost core products based on Haswell architecture for the notebook market, and it would be interesting to watch some of the 50+ convertible models that the chipmaker has mentioned are under process.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is looking forward to a foray into multiple technology areas and analysts are expecting the company to give updates on Intel’s TV service efforts, wearable computing devices, SSD over-clocking, graphics, voice recognition, and gesture control technologies.

Analysts have a price target of $28 for Intel and assigned a Buy rating to the stock. Risks that could hinder the stock in achieving target can be slow demand for PCs, transformation into new architecture and new competition from ARM-based SoCs which could slow x86-based market growth.

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