Disable Annoying Features On iOS 7

iOS 7 is an impressive upgrade from iOS 6 thanks to iTunes Music, improved camera, and AirDrop. Unfortunately, this new mobile operating system also brings in a few annoying features that some of us would rather disable. Such problematic features include panning wallpaper, contact names on the message, and closing apps.

Disable Annoying Features On iOS 7

Disable annoying features on iOS 7

UK newspaper Telegraph’s Richard Gray shared tips on how users can disable such annoying features. The first tip is for dealing with panning wallpaper. This new feature, which is called Parallax, allows your wallpaper to pan around so when you move your phone, it looks three dimensional. There are already apps specially designed for these new wallpapers. The problem with this particular feature is it makes the user feel like the world floats past their eyes every time they move their phone, and it’s distracting. This feature can be turned off by accessing general settings, then select accessibility, then choose the option Reduce Motion. Turn off the switch to disable Parallax.

Hiding the control panel

If you don’t want the control center to keep popping up when you’re playing a game or using an app, you’ll need to go to ‘settings’ and then ‘control center’. From there, you can shut off ‘Access With Apps’. This will prevent control center from popping up when you don’t want it to. For users who don’t want contacts names to automatically display on text messages, they can go to ‘settings’ where they can select ‘mail, contacts, calendar’. In the ‘contacts’ section, choose ‘select short name’ where you can choose from several options including ‘First & Last Name’, ‘First Initial & Last Name’, or ‘Last Name Only’.

If you have trouble closing apps, you will need to go ‘settings’, select ‘notification center’, then turn off ‘today summary’ and ‘tomorrow summary’ along with whatever apps you want to show up.

iOS 7 has brought a lot of exciting new features to enhance the whole iPhone experience.