Hottest Links: Templeton, Moats, Munger, Bubbles, Net-Nets, Luck and Skill

Hottest Links edition for Sunday Afternoon (see Friday’s hottest links here). We hope to make hottest links a regular feature and this is just the beginning of a great linkfest to appear regularly. Today, the story of Charlie Munger you never heard; net net investing was a superb strategy in Japan applying it to the US; oldie but goodie interview with John Malone, a new book from a great value investor is coming out shortly, when luck and skill mix in value investing, what is the definition of a bubble? a new movie about John Malone is coming out. That and other stories check it out below.

Hottest Links: Templeton, Moats, Munger, Bubbles, Net-Nets, Luck and Skill

Hottest links for Sunday July 21, 2013

Hottest links: Value Investing

The Contrarian: The Story of Sir. John Templeton

Seth Klarman Tells His Investors: Central Banks Are Treating Investors Like “Foolish Children”

Volatility"Surreal doesn't even begin to describe this moment," Seth Klarman noted in his second-quarter letter to the Baupost Group investors.  Commenting on the market developments over the past six months, the value investor stated that events, which would typically occur over an extended time frame, had been compressed into just a few months. He noted Read More


This Net-Net Strategy Worked Wonders in Japan

Could Ben Graham’s value formula also work in the US?

[Nate Tobik, Oddball Stocks]

People talk about bubbles all the time these days?

But what exactly is a bubble?

[Cullen Roche, Prag Cap]

First Preorder of a Premium Book Package, and Immediate Plans

Value Investing Journey is out with a new book.

[Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey]

All the notes you need from the hedge fund ‘gurus’ at the Delivering Alpha Conference

This man has got you covered

[Josh Brown, Reformed Broker]

Mavericks Lecture 2012: John Malone

Old Interview with John Malone, check it out below.

[Joe Koster, Value Investing World]

Charlie Munger Had Terrible Tragedy and Become Who He is Today

What is your excuse?

[Joshua Kennon, Joshua Kennon]

Saber Capital Client Letter and Some General Thoughts

A shareholder letter from value investor John Huber

[John Huber, Base Hit Investing]

Hottest Links: Value Stocks

Dart Group – When to sell / Skill & Luck in investing

Dart Group a value investor’s story of luck and skill.

[Value And Opportunity]

Microsoft Blowout-Quant Value pain

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT): does it have a moat?

[Wesley R. Gray, Turnkey Analyst]