@WarrenBuffett Finally Joins Twitter

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Warren Buffett joined Twitter today and his handle is @WarrenBuffett. The Oracle of Omaha, who stays away from technology, is setting up a Twitter account to learn people’s opinion on the role of women in America’s prosperity. Warren Buffett was dragged reluctantly into Twitter by his friends at Fortune magazine, reports the Wall Street Journal.

@WarrenBuffett Finally Joins Twitter

Fortune magazine will be interviewing today for a panel named “Warren Buffett on Women and Work…and other Wisdom.” It will be Buffett’s first ever interview on social media. To prepare for the big day, Warren Buffett set up a Twitter account and posted his first tweet at 12:20 PM ET that said “Warren is in the house.”

The billionaire investor once admitted that he didn’t know how to check voicemail on his cell phone. The voicemail was about a potential deal to rescue Lehman Brothersa few days before it collapsed.

There have been hundreds of Twitter accounts that claim to be Warren Buffett, and one of them has 127,000 followers. Warren Buffett’s secretary said that they are all bogus. Warren Buffett has powerful friends like Bill Gates to retweet his tweets, so the Oracle of Omaha’s followers could grow quickly. At the time of writing this article, he already has over 18,000 followers!

The wise old man shies away from technology. In the past few years, he has several times declined Bill Gates’ attempts to send someone to set up a personal computer in his home. Warren Buffett still doesn’t have a computer on his desk.

However, nobody can say if Warren Buffett will become a regular user of Twitter. Last week, former president Bill Clinton also joined the microblogging site with the handle @billclinton. Clinton is only the second U.S. president after Barack Obama to join Twitter.


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