Microsoft Windows 8.1 May Come With a ‘Boot to Desktop’ Option

Microsoft Windows 8.1 May Come With a ‘Boot to Desktop’ Option
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Microsoft Windows 8.1 May Come With a 'Boot to Desktop' Option

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It seems that Microsoft is finally changing the way its Start Screen operates with the release of next version of Windows which is code named as Windows Blue. A new rumor suggests that Microsoft will introduce a new “Boot to Desktop” option in the next major version of Windows which can be called Windows 8.1.

The proof of “CanSuppressStartScreen” option in early builds of the Windows 8.1 registry were recently discovered by members of the My Digital Life forum, but currently there’s no UI present to enable that option. Even if there is such an option, Microsoft might disable this option by default; should the user want such a functionality, they will need to enable it manually.

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Looking at the current Windows 8 scenario, because of the lack of a Start button and no option to boot directly to Desktop, many users have tried out third party tools to do so. In fact, these third-party tools have gained popularity, all thanks to Microsoft, because the company have not listened to users complain. Users have been crying out loud and clear – “bring us back the Start Menu”, but the complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

Microsoft’s new UI has faced criticism from the inception of Windows 8. The UI has been more touch centric, and has faced criticism from traditional desktop PC users with keyboard and mouse. From the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has faced pressure from desktop as well as business users to remove the Start Screen, and if not more, to at least bring back the traditional Start Menu and Start button UI.

The million dollar question that will remain is: Will Microsoft be able to attract users with the boot to desktop option? Or is it too late for Microsoft to play its game? Only time will tell the success of Windows 8, as well as the next operating system – Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue.

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