Google Glass App Can Identify You By Clothes, Accessories


There is a new Google Glass app called iSight and it was specifically designed for finding and identifying people by their clothes, accessories, or jewelry.

Google Glass App Can Identify You By Clothes, Accessories

According to New Scientist, a person’s name can be displayed on the headset every time you meet up with the person again. The Google Glass iSight app will help wearers find their friends in crowded places such as airports, malls, or large events.

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The interesting thing about this particular app is the visual fingerprint system that identifies people by what they are wearing. Once the person changes their image, the app can no longer identify the person. Obviously, this app is not ideal for long-term identification purposes, it is still ideal for shorter periods like days or evenings.

iSight works by taking a series of images of the person, then the app records a spatiogram file that notes the colors and prints on the person’s clothes. This combination is what is used for identification purposes.

The iSight app is different from facial recognition technologies. This new app was made for identifying people in a distance or with their backs turned.

Srihari Nelakudti (associate professor for computer science and engineering at University of South Carolina) helped develop this software with three other colleagues from Duke University.

Google Glass is an innovative pair of glasses that uses innovative technology to help people record and share their lives without the hassle of using a smartphone or tablet. This device lets users take pictures, record videos, share moments live, get directions, ask questions, and more. Right now, Google glass is not available to the immediate public and applications for the device are now closed. It’s reported that Google Glass will be available for everyone by the end of 2013 for under $1,5000, which means that it will be a rather extravagant holiday gift of the season.

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