Jailbreak iOS 6.1: Useful Tweaks For iPhone And iPad

As we reported yesterday, the iOS 6.1 jailbreak for iPhone and other devices has been released. The new Evasi0n tool allows users jailbreak their devices in the easiest way ever possible. If your device is finally jailbroken, then it’s high time to install some useful tweaks from the Cydia store.

Jailbreak iOS 6.1: Useful Tweaks For iPhone And iPad

Here are the best hand-picked tweaks for your iOS device. You can get them from the Cydia store.

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iFile: This is a file manager and viewer app for your iOS device. This tweak allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system. But this is an advanced tool, so make sure you handle files carefully.

Auxo: Auxo is a replacement for Apple’s app switcher on iOS. Instead of displaying simple app icons, Auxo displays a live preview of your apps. It definitely works better than Apple’s option.

Emblem: This tweak is specially crafted for iPad. Emblem brings Apple’s OS X-style notifications to the iPad. Instead of handling notifications like the iPhone, Emblem brings notification bubbles, message handling and gestures.

App Locker: This app allows you lock certain apps. This is very useful if you don’t want to lock your entire device, but just want to prevent others from launching your apps.

Stride: Stride brings Android type gesture unlock feature to iPhone. The stock iOS system will let you unlock the iPhone with only slide, but Stride brings customizable gestures to the lock screen. For those who prefer unlocking their screen the Android way, try it out.

Messages+: Messages+ is a feature rich messaging app. It has a quick reply feature and also allows you dismiss the SMS/iMessage alert, so you can reply when you’re free. You can also compose a new message from the Activator actions.

CallBar: CallBar is a new way to receive calls. It has its own screen from where you can receive the call, and also comes with customization options for notification banners and more. The best thing is that you can initiate calls without even launching the call app.

MyWi: This is a jailbreak app for tethering and is fully compatible with new iOS 6 devices. With MyWi, you can share your device’s carrier connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB hotspot.

WinterBoard: This is an ultimate theming app for iOS. It allows users to change the lock and home screen of their device. There are also many ready made themes to download. If you’re not sure which theme to start with, try out the Ayecon theme, although it is a paid one.

Do you have any other useful tweaks to share with us? Comment below and let us know.