Twitter Is Back After Going Down For Hours

Twitter Is Back After Going Down For Hours

On Thursday, Twitter users started experiencing a rolling outage on the website. The social media website recently updated their status service page in which they acknowledge the issue. They added that some users were experiencing difficulties with the site, but that their engineers resolved the problem right away. Twitter is now functioning normally.

Twitter Back up

According to TechCrunch’s checks via the websites’ web clients and third party applications, Twitter’s outage problem appears to be intermittent.  Some staff members were able to access Twitter without any issues for a few minutes before experiencing problems shortly after. Users who couldn’t access the website would see the fail whale page that has the over-capacity message.

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Some websites like DownForEveryoneOrJustMe and think that Twitter is just having one of those issues. The outage appeared about every twenty minutes or around that timeframe. This outage affected users worldwide.

Like most websites, Twitter has had their share of bad days where the website doesn’t function properly. In fact, Thursday’s incident was the third in three weeks., a website that analyzes website outages, reported that the service stopped functioning around 10:18 a.m. eastern standard time. Fortunately, this service wasn’t down for long as the website is now back up.

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