Quickly Migrate Instagram Photos To Flickr With This Simple Tool With the recent change of their policy, Instagram has faced much criticism from multiple outlets, not to mention that Instagram must have lost several users over the last few hours. We recently published an article on how to backup Instagram and delete your account. In that method, we recommended an app known as Instaport to download all your Instagram photos to your computer. But if you are thinking to migrate your Instagram photos to Flickr, then here’s a nifty online app for you.

Enter Freethephotos, a not-so complex online tool allows you to easily migrate your photos from Instagram to Flickr. The best part is the simplicity of it – anyone can migrate photos to Flickr in seconds.

Head over to Freethephotos and click on ‘Login with Instagram’. Authorize the app to use your account and then login to Flickr. Finally, click on “Free your photos” button. There’s also an option that can send you an email alert once the process is finished.

Quickly Migrate Instagram Photos To Flickr With This Simple Tool

All of your photos are uploaded to a separate “Instagram” folder on Flickr but captions don’t appear on Flickr.

However, there are some limitations. The free version of Flickr only displays the last 200 photos. If you want to view more photos, then you’ll need to upgrade to Flickr Pro. Free Flickr accounts can only receive 300MB of data per month, and due to this limitation, the service only migrates your last 10,000 photos from Instagram.

If you’ve really decided to leave Instagram, then this service is what you should use. Try it out.