Gmail And Google Drive Now Allow Users To Attach Files Up To 10GB

Gmail And Google Drive Now Allow Users To Attach Files Up To 10GB

Google Drive has become very popular since its launch in April and millions of people have started to use Google’s new cloud storage offering. Here comes one more feature made specially for Gmail’s new compose window – Users can now attach files up to 10GB in size that are stored in Google Drive and there is no need to leave Gmail’s interface.

At times, you may have needed to attach large files to emails but you couldn’t do it because of the large size. Now with Drive, you can insert files up to 10GB in size. Also, because you’re sending a file stored in the cloud, all your recipients will have access to the same, up-to-date version of the file.

Gmail And Google Drive Now Allow Users To Attach Files Up To 10GB

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When attaching the file, the user has an option to change the file’s sharing settings. Gmail smartly prompts users when they are sending files so that the file is not shared with any unintended user. Also the user has an option to “Send without sharing”. There’s an option to change permissions, so that the recipient won’t be able to make changes to the document you’re sharing and you can make the document as read-only for certain recipients.

So if you are ready to try out this feature, then hit the “Drive” icon when you are composing a message. Note that you should be using Gmail’s new compose window to take advantage of this new feature. Like all other Google’s features, this feature is also rolling out over the next few days for all users.

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