In Windows 8: How To Pin Any Folder, Program Or Item To Start Screen

The launch of Windows 8 is coming near, and we are now increasingly seeing applications to make the Start Screen more user friendly. The Start Screen in Windows 8 displays everything, such as pinned folders, files, apps, and websites in the form of tiles. Windows 8 already comes with option to pin custom app shortcuts to the Start Screen by a simple right-click and then clicking on Pin to Start. This works great but the problem is that it doesn’t allows us to pin any type of program, file, folder to the Start Screen. Well, not any more as here is an app that can help you pin anything to the Start Screen.

Start Screen Pinner is an app for Windows 8, which the developers call as “universal pinner software”. It can pin anything to the Start Screen, like any file, any folder, Windows special folders, Library folders, shell objects, and control panel items.

In Windows 8: How To Pin Any Folder, Program Or Item To Start Screen

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The interface of this program resembles to the Windows 8 Modern UI. The buttons look like the tiles in Start Screen. As you can guess, the Pin a file button enables you to pin a music, video, image, text or any other file. The Pin a folder can pin any folder to the Start Screen.

The third feature, which is Pin a Library, allows you to add Documents, Picture, Music, Video or any other custom library folders to the Start Screen.

The fourth button, which is Pin Special Item, can pin system tools to the Start Screen, like Administrative Tools, Action Center, All Control Panel Items, All Tasks, Auto Play, Bluetooth Devices, Computer, Folder Options, Network Connections, etc.

It can be said that this program can pin anything to your Start Screen. What’s more, this is freeware, so you don’t need to shell out even a penny for it.

This is a portable application, and therefore there is no need to install it. Just download the zip and unzip it.

Start Screen Pinner is compatible with Windows 8 only.

Download Start Screen Pinner