Nokia Partners With Groupon To Bring Daily Deals On Lumia

Nokia Partners With Groupon To Bring Daily Deals On Lumia

Finnish mobile handset maker Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) announced that “Groupon Now” offers will soon be added to the Nokia Maps feature of Lumia smartphones. After featuring the Groupon app, if users conduct a search on Nokia Maps, they will be able to see all the relevant Groupon deals in their nearby area marked as a green “G” icon, along with directions to get there.

However, users outside of the USA will have to wait till October 26, 2012. Nokia Lumia runs on Windows Phone platform, and the Groupon app will be added to new Lumia phones outside the US when Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)  releases its upcoming Windows Phone 8 software, on October 26. In the US, Lumia smartphones are available on AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and T-Mobile.

Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) has been criticized by users in certain countries for alerting them on deals that are too far away from their locality. Users wanted Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) to show the daily deals that are nearest to them. Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK), using its mapping expertise, plans to make money by offering such services. The mobile handset maker wants to compete directly with Google and TomTom. Analysts say that the deal is a win-win situation for both- Groupon and Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK).

Nokia head, Stephen Elop, says that many different handset makers should also use this feature, and they may compete with Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK). He would not mind the competition from other mobile manufacturers, because Nokia’s direct competition is with Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG). That’s why Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) has been trying hard to make its maps available to a greater user base.

Nokia thinks that use of the web can be made more user-friendly by providing local information and maps, when users are in their home city, new places, or when traveling. Adding Groupon’s icon to Lumia is a logical extension. Groupon’s strategy hasn’t been effectively locally, and nowadays people are more interested in local commerce.

Nokia has been constantly losing the market share to its rivals. It posted a $1 billion loss during the April-June quarter this year. Let’s hope the Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) deal helps Nokia position itself better in the market.

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