iPhone 5 To Come With 1GB RAM, NFC and 4G LTE

iPhone 5 To Come With 1GB RAM, NFC and 4G LTE
Source: Pixabay

We’ve been getting numerous reports that Apple is gearing up to launch iPhone 5 but according to BGR’s “trusted source”, that’s not entirely the case.  Apple puts their phones through multiple testing stages before sending them out to manufacturers, and right now it’s reported that their pending smartphone is currently in the EVT3 stage. This is the third stage of engineering test stage and after this it will probably hit the DVT stage.

Even better: there has been confirmation that the unit Apple is testing features 1GB of RAM, a nice improvement from the 512MB that’s found on the last iPhone model. Not only that, but the units also feature 4G LTE radio and NFC hardware.  Although Apple has yet to make an official confirmation regarding the iPhone, everything appears to be on track for a September or October release.

Over the past few months, we’ve heard a fair share of Apple rumors, most of which reported a potentially new design and new features. On Tuesday, we reported that the sixth generation Apple smartphone could feature a thinner touchscreen with in-cell panels and a four-inch display. Earlier this week, it was reported that iPhone 5 would feature a slightly elongated screen with the same width, but with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a center camera.

The excitement doesn’t just end with the reports of design changes for the iPhone. There have also been numerous reports and rumors regarding iOS 6 which is poised to launch around the same time the next iPhone is released. It’s  predicted this new model will integrate iCloud and Facebook. One thing we already know about iOS 6 as it was introduced last month at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, is that it’s Apple’s first in-house 3D mobile map application. The new map features  turn-by-turn navigation, detailed three dimensional models of major cities from around the world, and real-time traffic data to inform users of any local incidents or problems.  The new Apple 3D Maps application not only lets them completely cut ties from Google Maps, but it also gives consumers yet another reason to purchase the iPhone 5. Who wouldn’t want to buy a brand new smartphone that not only features three dimensional maps, but also offers interactive features?

It looks like it could be an exciting autumn for Apple. All these rumors build more anticipation, and if the iPhone 5 ends up having two or more of the commonly rumored features, it might just end up being one of the best-selling gadgets of the year, because Apple never fails to impress.