Want to Access Instagram Photos from Desktop? Here Are 2 Ways

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Instagram is a popular mobile app for iOS and Android. This app snaps pictures, apply ready made effects to those pictures and then allows users to share those pictures on various social networks. Instagram doesn’t offers any web interface to its users to access those photos. However, if you want to explore Instagram from your desktop, then here are two ways to do this.

Access Instagram Directly From Computer


Webstagram is a web app for Instagram. Their tagline is “Instagram Web Viewer” and this browser app really does what it says. To use Webstagram, all you need is just a web browser and an account on Instagram. You can follow users, like and comment on photos, browse popular photos but you cannot upload photos to the web, like the mobile application.

Want to Access Instagram Photos from Desktop? Here Are 2 Ways

Webstagram Features:

  • View photos of the people you follow
  • Like and Comment on photos
  • See your followers and following
  • Follow and Unfollow other users
  • Get your RSS feeds
  • Browse popular photos / users / tags


Instagrille is an offering from Pokki. This is an application for Windows that requires installation of Pokki, which offers other popular apps also like Twitter client, Wikipedia client, Numerics calculator, etc. These apps need to be downloaded separately and all of these apps are very lightweight and don’t consume too many CPU resources.

Instagrille’s interface is similar to Instagram app. You can view popular photos, photo feed, likes, comments and receive instant notifications of new photos added to Instagram from your friends and family. Like Webstagram, this app too doesn’t supports uploading of an Instagram photo and applying filters to it. Other than that, this app really resembles to the mobile app and it works great.

Try out these solutions to access Instagram without using your mobile phone. With these apps, you can browse those beautiful shots in larger screen, which means double the enjoyment.

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