Foursquare Introduces Their Newly Redesigned Application

Foursquare Introduces Their Newly Redesigned Application

Foursquare Introduces Their Newly Redesigned Application

Foursquare, a popular social media app for people who want to alert their friends of their whereabouts, has just rolled out their newly redesigned application for the iOS and Android.

So what makes this new app different from the original? In the official press release from Foursquare, they stated that they took apart the app, redesigned it, and added key features like better recommendations and faster check-ins.

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The company has been trying to change their image from a basic check-in service to a social media website shortly after the company announced their twenty million user milestone months ago.

Foursquare’s key features include personalized recommendations where they offer suggestions for restaurants, cafes, and other diversions in or around the user’s neighborhood. Moreover, this app has an explorer tab that allows users to see more recommendations based on what their friends are up to or what people in similar neighborhoods are up to.

They also introduced a rating system for users to rate(using heart and broken heart symbols) and inform others if a place is worth their time or not. The app will also feature a scroll feed that allows users to view their friends activities on one page and while provide interactive features like comment/like buttons. It sounds like Foursquare is turning into Facebook lite.

Dennis Crowley(chief executive officer for Foursquare) says that although his website’s check-in feature has declined in popularity, it’s certainly still important and that’s why they wanted to make key improvements like a faster check-in process and a relocated check-in button in the upper right corner.

Sometime a popular mobile application or website needs a healthy revamp every now and then.  Improved features will continue to pique the interest in users and entice other to download the app.  When it comes staying the relevant in the business world, change is vital.

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