After Microsoft, Google Plans On Releasing Its Tablet



After Microsoft, Google Plans On Releasing Its Tablet

Just last December, Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt shared that his company was going to release a tablet computer from their own brand. Next week, it’s expected that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) will officially announce their tablet computer.

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There have been several reports that Google will unveil their Nexus 7 slate computer. DigiTimes was the last source to report about Google’s tablet. They sourced an anonymous supply chain company which claimed previously that Android’s next operating system update would be Jelly Bean and it would launch sometime in June.

Earlier this week, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) unveiled their Surface tablet computer which will features Windows 7.

It’s reported that Google wants to take control of their Android brand and this tablet computer could give them the start they need. Since many older models of Android phones and tablets still run older versions of their software, they are often held back by third-party makers. Google wants to change that.

The same report also indicates that Google wants to create a Siri-like personal assistant application. Unfortunately, we don’t have the key details about their competitor app. Last March there was a report that Google and Asus were teaming up to create a tablet that was priced anywhere from $199.00 to $249.oo.

Google’s most successful Android tablets to date include the Kindle Fire from Amazon and Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble.  It’s pretty hard to imagine how Google is going to improve their Android brand with the Nexus 7, especially if DigiTimes is correct with their report which states that the tablet will feature a front-facing camera and Wi-Fi. Apparently, it won’t feature 3G/4G connectivity or rear-camera. If these speculations are right, the tablet does not sound like it’s going to be much.

I admire Google’s attempt to create another Android tablet but it’s going to be pretty tough to compete with a company that’s already set the standard in the tablet market.