How To Check Who Deleted You From Their Facebook Friend List

How To Check Who Deleted You From Their Facebook Friend List
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Facebook has become one of the largest medium to interact with friends, and it allow the users to ‘keep a track on’ and ‘see’ what their Facebook friends are doing (depending on the privacy set by them) on the social network.

Facebook has implemented a system of notifications that is whenever a user receives a wall post, friend request, game app request, comments etc. he/she is immediately notified about it. However, there is one thing which a Facebook user cannot be notified about. And that is: Who Removed Him Or Her As A Friend On Facebook?

It is very hard to track down who removed you as a friend on Facebook since the social network doesn’t notify it’s users about the friend removal. But, not to worry we have found a way that can allow users to see who deleted them as a friend on Facebook.

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There is a simple script named “Unfriend Finder” that let you see who deleted you from Facebook. This script works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera – almost all browsers,  and it not only notifies you about who ‘unfriended’ you on Facebook but it also informs you if any of your friend deactivates his/her account.

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Installation Guide:

Download Link Of Unfriend Finder

For Mozilla FireFox:

  • In Firefox, first of all you need to install an addon, named Greasemonkey – you can download it from here.
  • Once the addon is installed, you will notice a smiling monkey icon on the top-right corner of the browser.
  • Now close all your opened-browser-windows and install the Unfriend Finder after downloading it from the above shared link.
  • If Greasemonkey is properly installed you will see the below window to appear on your screen:
  • Now hit the install button and enjoy using the Unfriend finder on your Firefox browser

For Google Chrome:

  • Since Chrome natively supports userscripts, so you don’t need to install an extra extension for it. Just download the script from above link and get going.
  • If the installation is successfully completed – you will see the following message to appear in a dialog, “Unfriend Finder is now installed.”

For Safari:

  • Just like Firefox, in Safari you need to install a plugin named NinjaKit to load userscripts.
  • Install the plugin from here.
  • Once you have installed Ninjakit, reload your broswer page and click on the download Unfriend Finder link given in the beginning of the installation guide.

For Opera:

  • Just like Chrome, Opera also supports userscripts natively – all you need is to give the userscript a right path; a folder where userscripts are located.
  • Right click on the Unfriend Finder link and download it by clicking ‘Save as’ in a folder, for example – C:UserScripts
  • Once the file is downloaded in the given path,  go To Preferences  in Opera (Tools » Preferences, or CTRL+F12)
  • Go to Content, then Javascript Options.
  • Browse to the folder where your userscripts are located (C:UserScripts example in this guide) and then Click Ok.
  • Once validated, Refresh Facebook (with F5 key). And that’s it.

For Internet Explorer:

The guide explained below will show you the steps to Install Unfriend Finder on IE.

To load Unfriend Finder into Internet Explorer, drag the below link to your bookmarks bar, and click it each time you want to load Unfriend Finder.

Load Unfriend Finder

Once loaded, your data will be kept in IE’s storage and each time you’ll load the script from the bookmarklet, the script will be able to check and notify you of your Unfriends.

That’s it. Let us know if you face any inconvenience while installing the Unfriend Finder in any of your browser and we will surely try to help you out. And don’t forget to tell us your experience about this tricky feature in the comment box below.

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