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10 Critical New iPhone 7 Features

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When Apple releases its next-generation smartphone it should embrace these elements

The Apple iPhone 7 will questionably be the genre-defining smartphone release of 2015, even if it has yet to be confirmed by Apple itself. But there is no question that Apple will be updating its flagship handset during the calendar year, the only question remains what it will include in its portfolio of features.

With this in mind, here ValueWalk suggests ten improvements which Apple could and should make to the iPhone 7 when it is released.

10 Critical New iPhone 7 Features

1. iPhone 7 – Sapphire Glass

This was continually linked with the iPhone 6, as many consumers felt that previous iterations of the iPhone series were too prone to scratching. Rumors of the inclusion of Sapphire Glass in the iPhone 6 were driven by the fact that Apple has bought up industrial quantities of the substance. But although this never came to fruition, it seems extremely likely that Apple will include Sapphire Glass in a forthcoming mobile device, and this could be the iPhone 7.

2. iPhone 7 – Force Touch Display

Apple could also decide to include its Force Touch technology in the iPhone 7. This will be a major part of the Apple Watch, and it would be excellent if Apple decided to include this in the forthcoming iPhone 7. This particular technology enables mobile devices to distinguish easily between a powerful touch and a light one. This has the potential to enable users to interact with applications and software in new and innovative ways.

3. iPhone 7 – Wireless Charging

It now seems like a racing certainty that wireless charging will be part of the forthcoming Galaxy S6, which is due to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S series is the most obvious rival to the iPhone, it would make sense for Apple to follow suit with this innovation. Some might argue that it could be even more valuable for Apple than Samsung, given that the iPhone battery life has been criticized in previous models of the smartphone.

4. iPhone 7 – Much Better Battery Life

Speaking of which, Apple also needs to up its game in the battery life department when it releases the iPhone 7. Although the iPhone 6 was an improvement over previous iterations of the series, it was still a bit greedy with its battery, and certainly required frequent recharging. New processor technology now enables more power with less battery usage, and Apple would also be well advised to build further power saving technology into the functionality of the next version of iOS.

5. iPhone 7 – 32GB Base Model

More storage is becoming increasingly important with smartphones, particularly as the quality of screen technology is ramped up. The amount of storage required for modern media has increased significantly, and this means that the previous baseline 16 GB iPhone can be considered pretty useless. Apple should guarantee that the next generation iPhone 7 offers at least 32 GB of storage, and ensure that this entry-level model costs no more than the previous affordable versions of iPhones.

6. iPhone 7 – Improved FaceTime Camera

One of the interesting aspects of the iPhone 7 which has been tentatively suggested in the early days of murmurings related to the handset is the idea that it will be an ideal device for producing selfies. This will require an improved FaceTime camera, and it has already been rumored that Apple is working on this. Producing a device which is compatible with the social media revolution is absolutely essential for modern mobile manufacturers, and Apple should certainly pay heed to this. Ultimately Apple wants its new smartphone device to be the handset of choice for the Snapchat and Instagram generation.

7. iPhone 7: Waterproof

This would be a particular welcome feature of the iPhone 7 given that the series, and mobile technology in general, is beginning to focus on health-related functionality. Apple is about to release the Apple Watch, which is expected to have significant health-tracking features, and the ability to utilize the iPhone 7 in a swimming environment would be extremely valued by a lot of athletes both professional and amateur. Equally, lots of consumers would unquestionably enjoy utilizing their iPhone 7 at the pool or down at the beach.

8. iPhone 7 – Quad HD / 4K resolution

Apple has lagged behind Samsung somewhat in terms of screen quality, even though the iPhone 6 Plus was the first ever full HD smartphone which Apple has produced. Consumers would love to see Apple come to the table with a quad HD or 4K resolution version of the iPhone 7, and the smaller smartphone version of the handset must be boosted up to full HD at the very least. Even this would mean it was a little behind some of the iPhone 7’s competitors, and thus Apple will be encouraged by some analysts to deliver quad HD and 4K resolution with this smartphone.

9. iPhone 7 – Apple Watch Collaboration

In accordance with the notion of a waterproof iPhone 7, it will also be obvious for the corporation to ensure that it collaborates effectively and holistically with the Apple Watch. Surely Apple will be working on this already, but it is one thing to offer an Apple Watch tie-in, and quite another to produce a device which actually has useful Apple Watch-related functionality. The Apple Watch itself is to some extent reliant on an attendant iPhone, and thus the collaboration which Apple can offer between the two devices will be essential to the future of this smartwatch.

10. iPhone 7 – Joystick

Finally, an interesting concept which has surfaced recently is the idea that Apple will produce an iPhone which features a joystick for improved gaming. Apple has already filed a patent application for this technology and had it approved, so it is possible that we will see a joystick in future mobile devices. With mobile gaming becoming increasingly popular, it would make sense for Apple to start with the iPhone 7, and this would certainly find favour with those who game regularly on the smartphone platform.

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