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Small-Cap’s Road Back To Normal

Portfolio Manager Chuck Royce and Co-CIO Francis Gannon look at both 2Q17 and the year’s first half and see a consolidating asset class ready to make its next move up. Passive Investing ETFs Account For 6% Of Market But Active Managers Still […]

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Small-Cap: Healthy Rotation Or Rally At Risk?

Co-CIO Francis Gannon looks at recent small-cap results and sees a consolidating asset class setting the stage for its next move up. Q&A: Crunching The Economic Data “Ignorant households” Who Have “Failed To Behave Rationally” Help Rally Continue The Real Indian […]

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Why The ‘Amazon Effect’ Matters For Small Caps

Portfolio Manager Steven McBoyle discusses the significance of the ‘Amazon Effect’ and its effects on e-commerce and small-cap retailers. Can you define the Amazon effect? The term “Amazon Effect” is a broadly used term to describe really, the significant share […]

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A Long Runway For Small-Cap Value?

Co-CIO Francis Gannon explains what investors should know about the state of small-caps. Watch the video here. What should investors know about the current small-cap cycle? In the small-cap space, we’ve had two distinct cycles since the market bottomed in March […]

Running In Place

Running In Place

Co-CIO Francis Gannon on why small-caps have struggled to break out in 2017. Year-to-date through 6/9/17, the Russell 2000 Index advanced 5.3%. More than half of that result, however, has come during a so-far highly bullish June. Prior to this recent […]

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Chuck Royce’s Unique Approach To Financials

Portfolio Manager Chuck Royce discusses why financials continue to play an important role in his portfolios. What role do financials play in Royce Total Return Fund? Financials have been overweight forever and I would imagine it will continue. Let’s recall that […]

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Charlie Dreifus Examines The Small-Cap Market

Portfolio Manager Charlie Dreifus offers his take on the current market and what needs to happen for small-cap value to shine. Watch the video here. What is your take on the divergent views of the bond and stock markets? The stock […]

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Outlook And Opportunities In Premier Small-Caps

Portfolio Manager Steven McBoyle describes the attributes at the heart of his quality approach: businesses that possess a moat-like franchise, sustainable high returns on capital, and the capacity to reinvest. Watch the video here. What’s your view of the small-cap […]

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Bill Hench’s Top Tech Stock Picks

Portfolio Manager Bill Hench discusses the benefits of the global technology buildout on Royce Opportunity Fund/his portfolios. You and Buzz Zaino typically have a large weighting in technology companies. What’s been attracting your attention in technology most recently? We’re currently […]