FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Charlie Gasparino reports former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg “has now expressed renewed interest in buying The New York Times.” Gasparino went on to report that the numbers floating around Wall Street for The New York Times is about “$5 billion dollars.”

Michael Bloomberg Mulls $5B Bid For New York Times [REPORT]

On whether Michael Bloomberg will buy the New York Times:

“We should point out my sources are media bankers. They are saying there’s lots of talk within that world that Mike Bloomberg who owns Bloomberg LP the big computer and media company has now expressed renewed interest in buying The New York Times. Now we should point out Bloomberg declined to comment on this. We do have a comment from the New York Times basically saying what they’ve said for years on these overturns we’re not for sale, but this is pretty interesting interest. I’m getting this from good source.”

On what the price tag would be of The New York Times:

“The numbers that float around on Wall Street…something like $5 billion dollars.”