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Michael has a Bachelor's Degree in mathematics and physics from Boston University and Master's Degree in physics from University of California, San Diego. He has worked as an editor and writer for several magazines. Prior to his career in journalism, Michael Worked in the Peace Corps teaching math and science in South Africa.

  • jeffhre

    Umm, they each have 12 Volt batteries also, which are “normal car batteries.” ( In both cases the concern has centered on the design of the battery, which necessarily contains a lot more energy than a normal car battery. Michael Ide, 2013)

  • jeffhre

    Would you like to try dropping some facts, any facts, a single fact, a nexus to a fact…into that scurrilous drivel. Oh never mind, it’s important for your psychological well being to rationalize your point of view by coming up with conspiracies to fit the dissonance that ACTUAL facts create. This conspiracy theory even feels like it could have had a distant relationship to a hint of truthiness to lean on, at some distant past point. Good job!

  • jeffhre

    85 kWh vs 675 kWh for a 20 gallon tank – That’s in the ballpark anyway.

  • jeffhre

    Really Tom Cruise shopped there? Did David Strickland shop there too? That would be more of a Tesla story than this drivel.

  • Gary Vick

    oh, but didnt you hear? he stepped down because of the Tesla investigation… articles like this are total bs

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    Wow, guy about reveal design flaws in model s forced to resign? This admin has corrupted every inch of our gov…….so sad……

  • Julian Cox

    Actually the complete opposite, the new guy is the one with the pro-environment credentials. This is good news for Tesla.

  • gg

    Tesla ‘s battery contains much more energy than normal car’s battery! Nice comparison!!! Lol.
    How about gas tank? :D

  • ricksanchez1

    Yeah, the cynic in me also was watching for this angle. Was there a
    correlation between bringing in someone “more effective” at squashing
    the electric movement once again.

  • Julian Cox

    Article fails to mention big 3 puppet replaced by a guy with a 12 year tenure at Union of Concerned Scientists. There goes the shorties hopes of lobbying for an injustice following two zero injury accidents on US soil and an obvious life saver attributable to the Model S in Mexico.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/101041881026971694523/posts DAVID HORVATH

    ZERO correlation, but nice try “shorty”.
    That’s like saying president of Target steps down amid Tom Cruise shopping there.

  • Steve H

    Indeed, the battery in the Tesla has more stored energy than the battery in a gasoline powered car. It is also worth noting the gasoline tank in a gas powered car has 10X the amount of stored energy as the battery in a Tesla.

  • sandy222

    Fail to see the correlation between the two.
    The Model S is far safer than an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car; if NHTSA ordered a recall of the Model S, they would have to recall EVERY ICE car on the planet.
    They did not “catch fire”. That implies spontaneous combustion. After severe impact, a battery cell or two started on fire. Unlike an ICE, no explosion ensued.

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