You Can Now Call Businesses Directly From Google Search

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) wants to simplify your search experience. The search giant now lets users call businesses directly via Google+. Calls to businesses in the United States and Canada are free, calls to international businesses will require a small fee.

The details behind Google+ new feature

The fees for Google+ international rates start at ten cents a minute for calls to France, two cents a minute to call India, and 15 cents a minute to call Mexico. Right now, the feature is exclusive to the United States, but it will roll out to other countries in the near future.

Google+ also offer premium features

Google is also rolling out more premium Google+ for Google Apps customers. Such features include the ability to host larger hangouts consisting of 15 or more people, high-definition quality hangouts, better privacy features and the option to hide their profiles from public search. These features will roll out to existing customers within a month.

Web administrators can activate the new Google+ features. They can choose the unrestricted setting to make posts and the entire community visible to the public. Alternatively, administrators can also choose restricted to limit the page to the community only.

Google+ also allows users to start a Hangout On Air within the website by default. However, with the new premium features, users can limit Hangout access or customize certain settings for different parts of the group. Another big perk with Google+ Premium is that users can decide whether all user profiles can be indexed by search engines by selecting Profile Discoverability. If the administrator decides to disable that option, those who are not within the organization can view members exclusively through the email address or profile URL.

There is another notable feature which allows administration to decide whether or not third-party applications can utilize Google+ APIs. Users can also correct the age of certain users as well as view which members have a Google+ profile.

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