Is the Xbox Two actually the Xbox One Scorpio?

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Last week I wrote about a supposed hardware update of the Xbox One console by Microsoft. The console was to be named the Xbox One Scorpio and was rumored to be superior to the original Xbox One in almost every way. Supporting 4K content and gameplay as well as virtual reality via the Oculus Rift, this new Xbox could offer a glimpse into a new more advanced world of console gaming! But wait, with no confirmation from Microsoft about anything to do with it, there’s a chance that this new console could in fact be the Xbox Two and not an iteration at all!

Xbox Two – The Next Generation

I realise that if Microsoft is considering releasing an Xbox Two, that would mean a serious departure from what has been a tried and trusted method of releasing new consoles. Basically the Likes of Microsoft and Sony typically launch new consoles around every five years. So if an Xbox Two was something real and not just wild speculation, that would mean Microsoft has given up on the Xbox One be fore it’s had a chance to really find its place in the market.

As an Xbox One owner, I’m horrified that Microsoft may be deciding to scrap the console that I know and love. And if I’d had known this 6-months back when I purchased it, I would have certainly held off a little. However, if I look at the facts surrounding the Xbox One with a critical eye, such as how things have gone for it. It’s easy to see how the Scorpio could be the Xbox Two and the Xbox One successor.

A Disappointment

If you’re a hardcore Xbox One gamer, this is going to be difficult for you to admit. But it is clear that the console has had a hard time and one that started with its peculiar launch, which focused on multimedia content rather than games. Furthermore its inflated price thanks to the rather shaky Kinect 2.0 did not help matters, plus inferior versions of third-party games infuriated early adopters. So all-in-all this has meant that the Xbox One has taken a beating at every turn.

Is the Xbox Two actually the Xbox One Scorpio?

Glimmers of Hope?

If an Xbox Two is to be launched the sales figures it will have to beat do not and should not have its development team worrying that this new breed of console could flop. As although Xbox One sales outstretched those of the Wii U and its predecessor the Xbox 360. Its 20-million console sales is put to shames by those of the Sony PlayStation 4 with 40+ million consoles sold to date.

However, to give some credit where it is due. Xbox head Phil Spencer has tried his best to turn things around for the console ever since he took charge in March 2014. He in my opinion did what had to be done and shifted the Xbox division’s focus back to games and away from multimedia.

Spencer has done lots to undo the damage inflicted to Xbox by his predecessor, Don Mattrick. However, even though this new focus has helped the Xbox One it still seems to be chasing the PS4 in terms of sales and top gaming titles.

Xbox Two Scorpio

Ok so what about the Xbox Two Scorpio, what specs will it have? Well nothing really has changed from the last time I wrote about the console, not much is known about it. At this moment in time I can only share with you its supposed computational speed, which according to various different sources is set at 6-Terraflops. If this was correct it would mean that the Xbox Two would be four times as powerful as the current Gen console.And also make it even more powerful than the rumored PlayStation Neo with its 4 terraflops of computational power.

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When will the Xbox Two be Available?

Whever it will be called the Xbox One Scorpio or the Xbox Two I don’t know, but it is a good bet that any new console coming from Microsoft will be launched at the end of 2017, probably during the holiday season. One problem with that however, is how far away it is, 18-months seems like an impossibly long time to wait to launch the Xbox Two! If the technology is there and all it has to do is build and launch the new system, why not do it much sooner?

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