Xbox Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro: Microsoft Looks To Overturn Sony’s Console Dominance

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Xbox Project Scorpio is the much hyped next console release, Microsoft hopes will take on the PS4 Pro. And as a result, help to reverse its gaming divisions run of bad luck against Sony. As for its internal components and specs, earlier this month we were treated to a technical preview. One that proved the term “The most powerful console” would indeed be a correct description of the machine. However, power isn’t everything, and Bill Gate’s old company still has a long way to go before it can reign supreme.

Xbox Project Scorpio vs. Ps4 Pro

Now, if for whatever reason, you missed the Scorpio technical preview, here’s a brief outline of what to expect. Yes, the 6-terraflop rumor was correct, Microsoft says it will deliver this which is 1.88-terraflops more powerful than the PS4 Pro. The company says this will provide a truly superior console gaming experience, one that delivers native 4K titles.

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What’s providing this graphical grunt is a chip AMD will provide, which is of proprietary design. With its 40 compute units running at 1172Mhz, it will be comparable to a mid to high-end PC graphics card, something that is still fantastically powerful for a living room based console.

So, yes, Xbox Project Scorpio will be more powerful than the PS4 Pro, however, right now, Sony has the upper hand, here’s why.

Microsoft Vs. Sony

Come to the end of 2017; we will have on sale the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Xbox Project Scorpio. Meaning, this generation of consoles will be the most cluttered we’ve seen for years, if not ever. Exactly why this is the case is due to the about turn both companies have taken to the tried and tested home console generations model.

Gone are the day’s when a slim would replace the original model, now we’re seeing an extended run. One that places two extremely powerful devices in the same generation as their predecessors. Which means while the Xbox Project Scorpio could have been classed as the next-generation, Microsoft chose not to do so. Preferring instead to say this is a new kind of console, one that fits within its Play Anywhere program.

But how can Microsoft hope to turn around what is a Sony dominated market?

Console Sales

As of January this year, Sony’s PS4’s which includes the PS4 Pro and Slim were outselling the Xbox One S by two-to-one. What that means in real terms is Sony has sold 55-millions consoles whereas Microsoft had shipped under half of that at 26-million. And that means Microsoft and the Xbox are getting trounced, so much so, that Analysts are concerned that Xbox Project Scorpio won’t turn that around!


It seems that the answer to that is all about the definition of the console as “Not Next Generation” and its launch timing. Both effect what physiological impact (decision making) consumers will have. Right now, it’s clear that Microsoft is a distant second behind Sony in the current generation sales race. So, how can Xbox Project Scorpio help to overturn this?

You may initially think console sales, due to its superior specification, which may help it early on. But, ultimately, the real worth of a console can be measured by its games.


Yes, that’s right, games are what ultimately attracts the vast majority of gamers who are not blinded by brand loyalty. And the failure of Microsoft to nail this down with the Xbox One, One S and possibly the Xbox Project Scorpio may doom it to failure. The fact that lower sales lead to lower profits means Microsoft can’t attract the big titles to its platform. Back in the days of the Xbox 360, it was the dominant console and as such able to command the better exclusives.

However, with this current generation, the roles have been reversed. With the likes of Call of Duty appearing on the PS4 Pro and Slim first. Additionally, on the exclusive front, Sony now commands a lead with the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, and Nioh.

So, if Microsoft wants to turn its position around, it should have been talking to developers 18-months to two years ago. In fact, if there are going to be any Xbox only exclusives. Those developers onboard need to have embraced the power of Xbox Project Scorpio already. Only then will it stand a fighting chance of competing against the PS4 Pro and commanding a decent long-term market share.

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