Xbox One To Get DVR Capabilities After Microsoft Tests

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The Xbox One appears poised to get an upgrade that will allow users to begin using the device as a digital video recorder. Presently users are able to watch TV on the Xbox One but are limited to the use of a cable box to record OTA broadcasts.

Xbox One users will finally get their wish

Microsoft offered users a Huappauge digital TV tuner for $59.99 for those in Canada and the U.S. who were interested in OTA programming last year. Now, it appears that users will now have the opportunity to record those same shows or others by using the Xbox One.

“A source very close to Microsoft tells me that the software giant is now internally testing TV DVR (digital video recording) functionality for Xbox One, meaning that customers will soon be able to record live TV shows from the console,” says tech blogger Paul Thurrott who usually gets things right.

“Microsoft is now internally testing an update for Xbox One called ‘Xbox One Threshold Beta 1603 System Update,’ or th2xboxrel_1603.160308-1900,” adds the report. “This update allows the console to record freely-available OTA TV, and it even works while you’re playing games, watching live TV, or when the console is sleeping.”

DVR won’t record encrypted videos

According to Thurrott, Xbox One owners will be able to record television while gaming for later viewing. Microsoft said last year that it was working on the additional feature and it looks like it’s on its way with just a bit more testing.

Microsoft doesn’t share Xbox One sales numbers publicly, but it’s widely believed that Sony’s Playstation 4 is the more popular of the two present generation consoles and Microsoft is hoping that the addition of DVR capabilities might change this a bit.

Thurrott mentions in his blog that, at least in the United States, the new DVR won’t work if trying to record encrypted video used by many satellite and cable TV providers. While no immediate release date was mentioned, Thurrott believes it to be a matter of weeks rather months.

When Microsoft rolls out the feature we will be sure to let you know.

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