Xbox One S Can Be A Laptop: This Guy Proved It

Xbox One S Can Be A Laptop: This Guy Proved It
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The Xbox One S is impressive hardware. The Xbox One originally was a huge VCR that has now been slimmed down, but it has been slimmed down now and is much smaller with a modern touch. Going one step further, modder Edward Zarick has given a new look to the device and has named it Xbook One S.

Xbox One S – a laptop too

Zarick’s new device makes it possible to fit the Xbox One S into a case that is the size of a laptop. The case has a 720p, and a 19-inch screen. The hardware requires a constant power supply and isn’t really a true laptop. In terms of portability, it is a lot better than Microsoft’s original design. There is an out port for 4K HDMI as well, making it possible for the Xbook One S to function just like a regular console with 4K and HDR playback.

Zarick has created consoles like this in the past as well, which can be seen on YouTube. He created clamshell versions of the original Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well, of which the PlayBox4One is the most impressive as it manages to somehow cram both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 into one piece of hardware.

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This does not mean that the mods created by Zarick are just cool modifications for YouTube videos. They are available for custom order from his website as well. The Xbook One S has a starting price of $1,495, a steep premium over the $300 Xbox One S.

Xbox One outsells PS4 in the US

Microsoft announced on Thursday that the best-selling console in the U.S. for the month of July was the Xbox One. This news is part of NPD Group’s monthly report for July; however, the report will not be available until next week due to the addition of digital data to NPD’s sales data.

The PS4 has outsold the Xbox One since their respective launches, so this is an unusual milestone. On several occasions, the Xbox One has topped the PS4 in the U.S., but since October 2015, that had not happened until last month.

Microsoft is releasing two new Xbox systems, and thus, this is a surprising piece of news. One is the Xbox One S, which debuted in August. The announcement of the new consoles could have affected sales of the standard Xbox One, but now it seems that it is not the case as the company made some nice sales.

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