The World’s Most In-Demand Video Call Platforms

The World’s Most In-Demand Video Call Platforms
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Zoom vs Google Meet vs Microsoft teams! THIS is every country’s most POPULAR video calling platform worldwide

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EmailToolTester reveals in NEW MAP the most popular video call platforms around the world comparing Zoom, to Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype!

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Zoom dominates the online market share, taking the top ranking in 44 of the 122 countries analyzed.

Video call platforms have become increasingly popular and indispensable since the pandemic, keeping people and businesses connected all over the world.

Global search and online market share data by EmailToolTester reveals the top video calling platform in every country and looks at changes in market share over the last year.

Skype sees the biggest loss with a 25.8% drop YoY in market share!

Mapped: The World's Most In-Demand Video Call Platforms - Zoom Dominates In The US And Beyond

video call platforms

Zoom is the top video call platform in the WORLD, dominating in 44 countries including Japan, the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Russia and South Korea.

In the US, Zoom holds 59.9% of the online market share. With a huge 300 million daily meeting participants, the platform helps connect families all over the country.

Microsoft Teams has 41 countries favoring the platform. A few countries in which it is the most popular are Poland, Iceland, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates with a ruling market share of over 40% in each.

Google Meet takes third place, with 21 countries choosing the platform as their 'go to' application. A few countries where it's most popular are Denmark, Italy and Romania. In Romania, Google Meet holds just under 50% of the market share.

% Market share of the top 4 video call platforms in each country 

Market Share For Top 4 Global Platforms %
Country Most Popular Platform Microsoft Teams Google Meet Skype Zoom
Australia Zoom 14.81% 4.45% 9.93% 49.55%
Belgium Zoom 14.87% 9.94% 18.08% 40.42%
Canada Zoom 10.97% 10.97% 7.34% 53.67%
Denmark Google Meet 18.84% 28.19% 12.61% 28.19%
Finland Zoom 14.66% 21.92% 14.66% 2.39%
France Skype 12.33% 8.28% 50.48% 9.20%
Germany Zoom 18.65% 2.51% 18.65% 40.69%
Iceland Skype 46.07% 16.89% 24.95% 13.82%
Ireland Zoom 6.27% 1.25% 2.81% 84.75%
Italy Google Meet 1.29% 35.08% 19.25% 35.08%
Japan Zoom 3.05% 3.73% 5.55% 76.76%
New Zealand Zoom 10.85% 4.85% 8.89% 54.10%
Norway Zoom 16.27% 10.91% 16.27% 36.38%
Poland Microsoft Teams 43.46% 5.81% 19.43% 23.77%
Romania Google Meet 22.33% 49.93% 15.02% 5.50%
Russia Zoom 7.17% 3.93% 16.00% 65.24%
Spain Zoom 8.47% 10.37% 18.94% 51.66%
Sweden Zoom 11.92% 21.80% 14.57% 32.51%
United Arab Emirates Microsoft Teams 41.91% 12.61% 3.78% 34.24%
United Kingdom Zoom 19.56% 4.01% 7.34% 55.43%
United States Zoom 7.93% 11.89% 4.40% 59.90%

The full data for all 122 countries analyzed can be found here.

Skype Loses Majority Market Share

By looking at global search volumes, our study revealed the total global market share for each video call platform and compared 2020 vs 2021, to see which platforms have grown the most during the pandemic.

One of the previously reigning platforms Skype saw the biggest drop in global market shares in the past year. Previously owning 32.4% of the market share, Skype saw a 25.8% drop in 2021 to a 6.6% share.

Zoom owns almost half (48.7%) of the global market share and has seen the biggest year-on-year growth of all the platforms, with a 22.3% increase.

video call platforms

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