UNESCO’s World Heritage Listed Chinese Ancient Wall Street

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An entire city, enclosed by walls, ensnared in time. Travelogue host Min-Zhui Lee takes you to the ancient city of Pingyao, the old banking capital of Imperial China. Tack on two nearby temples, and you have a UNESCO World Heritage trifecta!

UNESCO’s World Heritage Listed Chinese Ancient Wall Street

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That was just one out of a huge repertoire of folk performances designed to draw the community together and bring good luck and happiness to everyone.

So what festivities are in ancient northern Chinese tradition dating back 2500 years revelry in the streets here in Pingo is said to be the most authentic. So it's no surprise the place is chock a block full of visitors. If you find you need some breathing space though there's plenty of it at the perimeters the Old City of Pingo was established in the 13th century and it's foresighted surrounding Boulle came up not too long after the on top. Everyone is welcome to walk its length count old 72 watchtowers and 3000 plus battlements and parapets and peek down into some residential courtyards. Some people say these numbers coincide with a number of disciples. Confucius had 72. And the number of students 3000. I wonder if the2.5 square kilometres the wall encloses has some wise explanation to what I do know though is that this whole area is UNESCO's World Heritage listed and that I'm not the only foreign.

And how did you find out. How did you find out about. Because I mean you don't see many foreigners here.

It's mostly Chinese made people who wanted to take a picture with us but many of us came here and I guess about bingo and we were looking for a place to see the Lantern Festival only maybe old town in China or Brazil. Yeah I think it's probably one of the best as I say the walls are great but unfortunately it's being reviewed over there so we can get through.

OK so we're doing a little bit of restoration work here yeah but I think it captures I think I can see the old sense of living here from hundreds of years ago.

The show of folk activities aren't the only highlights today the 15th day of the first lunar month means it's Lenten festival. A pretty big deal in China but I promise that will become more obvious later when nightfalls Pingo with its five a national tourism rating is already a popular destination. But today it truly is the place to be. I think I'm going to stay a tad longer here without falling from. Just.

Going out because I guess the celebrations are concentrated in one place. I'm going to come out here.

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