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As the expression goes, ‘Time is Money’, and for working parents this couldn’t be truer. After a long day at work they often come home and spend a number of hours organizing stuff around the house. This infographic from HappyCleans helps to make things just a little bit easier for working parents with a range of highly rated apps that deal with health and safety, routine, travel, staying connected with your kids, household tasks, and budgeting.

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The most important thing in any family is health and safety and there are now apps that can at least assist you in keeping everyone safe. For example, the CareZone App is a great all-rounder as it allows you to store a wide range of medical information such as doctor’s appointments and even directions on administering medication to the entire family. This type of information is too important to be disorganized with so having it all on one app is really important.

Let’s move on to routine. While of course young children can’t do that many tasks around the house, it’s important that they learn to do some small things at a young age. Firstly, it teaches them a bit about responsibility, and secondly it saves you some time when you’re really busy already! Apps such as Happy Kids Timer can help keep the kids entertained as they make their bed or brush their teeth and if the reviews are anything to go by it’s a real winner.

All parents will understand how difficult it is to organize a family holiday but there are some apps out there to help with this – at least a little! For example, TripCase helps you to organize the mountain of information for the trip in one place and send it to a dedicated email. You don’t want to be confused about any aspect of your trip when you already have excited kids to worry about.

Another difficulty working parents face is finding enough time to spend with their children. We do our best in the evenings but the truth is that it isn’t always possible to spend as much time as we’d like with them because of hectic work schedules. Apps like Path can help as it is essentially a micro-sized Facebook. The whole family can chat on their own private channel. Perhaps, you could send a few messages to the kids on your lunch break.

The best thing to do with these apps for working parents is to download a few of them just to see if they help you. They’re all free so you have nothing to lose. Find out more in the infographic.

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