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5G Technology Development Process

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Exactly, with passage of the time world is changing very fast. In modern era, we cannot imagine the change of things from one to another. At morning we have different ideas but in afternoon we think about something new and so on we are going towards future very fast, From the start of technology everyday new inventions taking place to the others things remotely. For some products of data protection imperva isthe place where you needs to visit for checking the basic items that need of the time.

What was the ARPANET?

So the very first workable prototype of the Internet came in late 1960s. After this with creation of ARPANET(Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). Than ARPANET adopted TCP and IP on 1st January 1983 and from there researchers start to assemble the network of networks” so finnaly that became the modern Internet that is available right now.The journey from 2G,3G,4G and till 5G we follow up the stages of internet as well the changing in the design of technology.

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Informational  theory

The first fundamental theoretical work in data transaction and  information theory that was developed by sir Claude and harry nyquist, also sir ralph  in the start of 20th century, Informational theory as enunciated by Claude in 1948. Provided a strong theory of under pinning to understand the tradeoffs between signal to noise ratio and bandwidth and also error free transmission in the presence of noise.In tele communication  technology for the advancement in on going project.

Semi Conductor Technology

The development of transistor technology, was fundamental towards a new generation of electronic items, that after sometime effected almost every type of the human experiences related to technology. The realization of the transistor in form of the  MOSFET, by m Atalla & dawon Kahn  at Bell Labs in late 1950sbrought new opportunities for the miniaturization & mass production for a wide range of uses on the earth it became the basic building of block.The informational revolution and the modern era of information and laid the foundation for powerful electronics tech system that little latewas enabled to the development of wireless net technology so Network bandwidths has been started doubling after every 1 and half yearsince the 1970.This was founded expression in Denholm law. Similar to the scaling express by sir moors law for the semiconductors technology.

5G Technology Experiments

Most of the countries that leading the technology of the world working on 5G, 6G, 7G and some working on 8G too, but unfortunately no one can fulfill the working of 5G. In 2013 a Chinese company Huawei& a Germany company together. In that project United States of America do not want to see the Chinese huge company Huawei that working on 5G technology with Germany.

  1. In fact Germany resisting US and still working on going project with Chinese company, by the way US and china is on peek point of their invention and America don’t want to see the Chinese company to grow  that’s the reason behind their behavior.
  2. The second thing is huge volume of both countries trade because America is super power and don’t want to lose their power.
  3. Last but not least the major thing is behind this race is fight of money and in the shape of 5th generation media warfare because after becoming 5G. The speed of current inter will increase more than enough so they are trying to do it fast as they can before someone else do. According to major countries that have huge trade volume and high level of business sense like China, Germany, united states of America and the few more are in this race of becoming at up line for their benefits of the technology warfare on this global hub.
  4. According to experts the expected date to proper lunching of 5g is not too for now. The current calculation says that the approx eighteen to twenty four months needs to be the plan of 5g comes true although many times the basic experiments have took place in different countries but the full lunching of this technology is not defined yet because of some harmful effects and needs some changing in the wavelength of 5g that is under progress.

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