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If You Won The Lottery (Or Are Super Rich) The Best Places To Live

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We’ve all dreamt of that life-changing moment, when a situation finally arises which leaves you with an abundance of wealth and no idea what to do with it. For many people, the first step might be to relocate to the country of your dreams, but how many people would actually know where to go if this moment were to ever come around? There are a myriad of factors to consider, and if you’ve got the money to go wherever you like in the world, the decision is likely to become even harder.

To help make things simpler, Lottoland have pulled together all of the important facts in order to create this infographic, exploring which countries around the world which can provide the best lifestyle for the super-rich, whilst still providing monetary benefits to keep the rich getting richer wherever possible.

After investigating various important factors, such as quality of life, ease of immigration, and the best tax benefits for the rich, countries were individually ranked for each aspect. These rankings were then combined in order to produce the ultimate list of countries with the best lifestyles for the super-rich.

With high rankings across almost every category, despite the abundance of over-sized spiders and poisonous snakes, Australia came out as the overall winner and the best place to go should you ever become rich. However, if Australia isn’t for you, there are many other options which might be more suitable.

Following close behind Australia was Switzerland, which ranked well across various categories including the human development index, better life index, and overall purchasing power.

Saudi Arabia won the bronze medal, after receiving the top spot for tax policies which benefit the rich, as well as coming in first for purchasing power.

To see which other countries made it into the final top ten, and to find out where you should go should you ever become super-rich, look no further than the useful infographic below.

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