Wolfram Introduces New Photo Identification Website

Wolfram Introduces New Photo Identification Website

Wolfram Research just introduced a new website that may change artificial technology as we know it. The website is called ImageIdentify.com, and it can supposedly identify nearly every object in every photo. Users must either upload or drag the photo of the thing they want to identify into the program. The algorithm in the software returns an answer that’s usually clarified as a certain type of animal or plant.

Exciting new AI technology

Although humans have already been able to identify and spot various things in nature, it is exciting to see artificial intelligence nearly matching human intelligence.

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Wolfram isn’t the only company to explore the world of image recognition technologies. Microsoft, Google and Amazon have all tried similar programs. Wolfram’s project taps into neural networks with layers. It is a system that learns as it goes along, so it is far from perfect. It enables users to build on image identifications in the apps. Stephen Wolfram (chief executive officer) explained that the system does well overall, even if it doesn’t always get the identifications right. Even its inaccuracies seem human.

Stephen Wolfram opens up about the project

The project is still new, and it is still in the early stages, but there are a lot of possibilities in the future. For now, interested tech and science fans can test it out on the website with their pictures.

For Stephen Wolfram, the new image identifying website is a personal success. In his blog post, he mentioned that he has been waiting for a long time to develop the website. He admits that he has read many books about artificial intelligence over the last 40 years. He discovered his first computer language in the early 80s, and then he started to think more about how he could launch an artificial intelligence program.

Wolfram hopes everyone will enjoy the image identification service and use it. The new website is a celebration of discovery and a sample of what’s to come.

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