Wireless Charging Coming To iPhone 8: Apple Patent Hints

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A patent recently released by the US Patent and Trademark Office, filed in late 2015, describes a unit that will wirelessly charge a mobile device through inductive power transmission allowing the next iPhone to charge its battery unencumbered by cables.

Rumors existed earlier this year regarding wireless charging for the recently released iPhone 7, along with the lack of headphone jack which turned out to be the case. However, things look set for the iPhone 8 to the be the trailblazing product for wireless charging technology. An inductive transmitter coil, will in theory, wrap around a metal core and is made to pair with a receiver coil in electronic devices, charging the battery of said devices.

This new technology is without doubt is being worked on day and night by Apple’s advanced teams of engineers. Any complaints regarding the iPhone 7 and its inability to both charge its battery and listen to music on headphones at the same time will be crushed. The release of this innovation will greatly increase convenience. Right now, with the iPhone 7, the irritating suggestion from Apple’s chief of marketing Phil Schiller is to use a dock if users desire to listen to music while charging.

LG has been reported to have produced wireless chargers capable of providing 15 watts of power, and it is quite likely that Apple could release its wireless charging with even more juice in order to out perform its competition and keep the company’s image as the leaders of mobile technology.

The charging station could include an electromagnetic transparent surface to support the device to be charged. The device, presumed to be primaraly an iPhone 8, will sit on the station and receive power wirelessly via the induction coupling technology. The charging station will connect both directly with wall sockets as well as including a port for a USB type connector cable for use with an external power source, such as a portable battery unit or a laptop.
The patent application was filed late in 2015, and provides plenty of evidence that Apple’s engineering teams are continuing to investigate wireless  solutions for charging. Apple has shown an interest in this type of technology ever since the first iPhone, having  previously gaining various patents. These previous patents were for wireless charging stations based on near field magnetic resonance, which wirelessly charge a device within a certain region.

The iPhone 8 looks set to debut to mark the tenth year anniversary for Apple next year. That may indicate that the technology has been delayed purposefully, and explain the lack of the outstanding innovations in the iPhone 7 that Apple is renowned for.

Wireless charging, when implemented successfully, will no doubt boost Apple’s sales incredibly. The current charging method is cumbersome, especially with the iPhone 7 and its lack of headphone port. However, back in September 2012, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller questioned how convenient wireless charging technology would be, as it was still necessary to plug the charging system into a wall. Perhaps this is why Apple has remained exploring the technology. Recently however, Apple has shown an interest in WiTricity’s wireless charging technology. This creation supplies users with a hidden charging method offering much more ease and functionality. That technology allows magnetic fields to wrap  around barriers, so that and the users can place their charging devices wherever they want, within range.

The tech community, and mobile users in general, are waiting in anticipation for this groundbreaking technology to be released, but until then, cables are still the only option.

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