Windows Phone 8 Is Predicted To Debut Today

Windows Phone 8 Is Predicted To Debut Today
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Windows Phone 8 Is Predicted To Debut Today

Microsoft may release Windows Phone 8 sometime on Wednesday. The official announcement is expected to happen sometime at 9:00 AM PDT(1:00 PM EDT) after the 2012 Microsoft Developer Summit. The latest rumors indicate that this new model is going to be significantly different from Windows 7.5.

Right now, we don’t know the specs or what exactly we can expect from this new model but rumor has it that the new phone will keep their current display resolutions of HVGA(320 by 480 pixels) and WVGA (480 by 800 pixels) with only one upgrade: support for higher resolution displays. If this rumor is true, it’s surprising that Microsoft isn’t improving their displays to compete with the likes of Apple and Android, both of which feature impressive displays. Many Android models now feature 720p displays so it’s become a standard.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Phone may also get multi-core processor support which will make it easier to perform the the most mundane tasks on your phone(like check or send emails) and view intensive core-processor apps or websites faster. Today’s technology is all about speed.

Another key feature that’s expected with the next generation Windows phone is a brand new browser. Internet Explorer 10 is reported to be faster with HTML5 processing. Recent browser tests have indicated that IE9 earned a score of 138 points while IE10 earned 300 points.

Video chat fans will be pleased to know that Skype is now integrated with the Windows 8 phone. This new feature will make it easier to stay in contact with everyone you know as it merges contacts with the address book and features personal updates from your friends in the People hub.

This afternoon, we will find out more about Microsoft’s latest smartphone release, until then, we can continually dream of what we want most from the Windows 8 phone.

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