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Windows 9: Seven Things Microsoft Must Fix With Its Next OS

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Windows 9, the successor to much-maligned Windows 8/8.1, is expected to release in April 2015. Users and analysts expect Microsoft Corporation to fix all the shortcomings that made Windows 8 a massive failure. Most people, especially businesses, prefer to use Windows 7 rather than Windows 8. Here are the eight things Windows 9 must have to prevent buyers from going to Chromebooks and iPads.

1- Start Menu and Start button

Users expect the old-fashioned Start menu. When Microsoft Corporation asked sought user feedback as to what they want in Windows 8.1 update, most voiced for the return of the Start button. But the company simply put a Windows logo on the bottom-left corner, which takes you back to the Metro screen. Windows 9 must bring back the real Start menu like in Windows 7.

2- Put desktop on equal footing with Metro

The software giant tried to please tablet and desktop users at the same time. But it deliberately focused more on “legacy” applications that forced users to operate through Metro-style UI whether they like it or not. Users hate launching desktop applications from the tiled screen. We would like Windows 9 to put desktop and Metro interface equal footing, and give users a choice.

3- Unify the Windows platforms

Though Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and Windows RT look and feel similar, it’s a bit difficult to use three different platforms. Microsoft Corporation can unify them under one build. That will make it easier for users to navigate between devices.

4- High quality apps

One of the biggest drawbacks of Windows platform is that it doesn’t have many high quality apps. Developers have shown little interest in Windows Store, and they remain focused on more profitable Android and iOS platforms. When an app or service appears on iOS or Android, Windows users wait for several months before the app reaches Windows Store. Or worse, it never makes it to Windows.

5- Improved scaling on large displays

Windows 8/8.1 has been pathetic at handling display scale on different devices. The Redmond-based company borrowed the Metro style UI from Windows Phone 8. That looks perfectly fine on smaller devices. But the monster-size tiles look ridiculous on the large screen desktops and laptops. We expect Windows 9 to resolve this issue.

6- Users want Gadgets back with Windows 9

Gadgets appeared for the first time with Windows Vista. Gadgets allowed users to install important tools like calendar, clock, CPU performance, and shortcuts to Windows functions. Adding them back to the desktop will be a good move.

7- Gesture controls

Microsoft Corporation’s Kinect motion sensor technology has been a huge success with Xbox One. Adding an easy-to-use gesture control technology into Windows 9 will once again establish the software giant as the king of operating system market.

Let’s hope Microsoft Corporation finally listens to its users and comes out with a user-friendly Windows 9.

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