Windows 10 Release Date Revealed By AMD CEO

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Windows 10 is set to launch in late July. This report was recently revealed by chip maker AMD, as noted by the company’s president and CEO, Lisa Su, during the second quarter earnings call.

She revealed the tidbit when answering a question about inventory plans. Su explained that with the upcoming Windows 10 launch in  late July, they will be watching the impact it will have for the back-to-school season. The company expects a delay in the normal build-up of seasonal inventory.

Windows 10 arriving soon

Su’s revelation may not entirely be accurate, and Microsoft has yet to comment on the matter. Microsoft still has not confirmed any release date for the next operating system beyond the revelation that it will arrive this summer. In March, the company’s chief, Terry Myerson, said Windows 10 is set to arrive this summer, and it will be available in 190 countries.

Many others doubt the new OS will arrive in July as Microsoft needs to work out the bugs and unpolished features within the system. There is still a good chance AMD has knowledge of the upcoming Windows release. Microsoft’s upcoming Build event is set to take place later this month. This event will most likely be the time Microsoft shares details on Windows 10.

What to expect from Windows 10

PC users have a lot to look forward to with Windows 10. It will feature the Start-up Menu and offer plenty of room to pin favorite apps. It is always up-to-date with automatic updates delivered. It also comes with Cortana, a digital assistant to simplify the online experience. It also has the new Project Spartan browser that enables users to write directly on web pages and save favorites for later reading. It also features universal apps for Office, games, music and videos.

Microsoft refreshes the Windows operating system every few years to give users a more up-to-date user experience.

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