Windows 10 Mobile: Back From The Dead

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Microsoft has officially confirmed that its new mobile operating system will be called Windows 10 Mobile. The software giant is dropping the Windows Phone moniker, which has failed to gain a foothold in five years. Windows 10 Mobile is a welcome move with a reference to the original name of Microsoft’s smartphone OS.

Windows 10 Mobile to take advantage of Continuum

Before Windows Phone was born in 2010, the Redmond-based company used the name Windows Mobile for its mobile OS that mainly ran on personal digital assistants (PDAs). Windows Mobile was the dominant mobile OS until 2007, before the iOS and Android arrived. Windows 10 Mobile is expected to be released alongside six other iterations of Windows 10 this summer.

Return to Windows Mobile makes sense because the new OS will span across devices of various form factors. It will run universal apps that are designed to work across all devices to provide a seamless experience. Windows 10 Mobile will make use of the new Continuum feature so people can use their smartphone like a PC when connected to a larger device. Windows 10 Mobile is designed for smartphones and tablets with screen sizes up to 8-inches.

Microsoft aims to put Windows 10 on one billion devices

Microsoft wants to have more than one billion devices running Windows 10, which will be the last version of Windows, by 2018. The new software’s ability to run on devices of all form factors gives Microsoft an edge. It will also help attract app developers to build the so-called universal apps. The software giant is retiring Internet Explorer to make way for the new Edge Web browser.

Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 for free to most of the current PC, tablet and smartphone users. The software will not only run traditional computing devices, but also cars, ATMs and devices connected to the Internet of Things. The new OS will arrive this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages.

Microsoft shares rose 0.75% to $47.98 in pre-market trading Thursday.

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