Thomson Reuters Lipper Alpha Forum – Who’s Winning The Active, Passive, Smart Beta Debate?

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Active management is being forced to evolve largely in response to the growth in passive investing. Smart beta has been considered a threat to both active and passive management. Surveys indicate that 1/3 of all institutional asset managers are planning to implement a smart beta or factor investment strategy in the coming year. Strategists from Lipper award-winning firms will explore all sides of the active-passive debate and the evolving role of the active manager.

  • Active vs. passive – Which, when and how?
  • The role of smart beta and how it’s evolving
  • Implementing Factor investing: choosing, blending and timing
  • What can be indexed? What should be managed?
  • What’s next in the evolution?

Who’s winning the active, passive, smart beta debate?

Thomson Reuters Lipper Alpha Forum Canada 2016 Keynote Interview

Robert Jenkins, Global Head of Research at Thomson Reuters Lipper interviews Eric Lascelles, Chief Economist at RBC Global Asset Management at the 2016 Thomson Reuters Lipper Alpha Forum in Toronto.

Is uncertainty the new black?


Big geopolitical events, changes in investor sentiment, and other factors – many unexpected – are transforming the investing landscape. Strategists from Lipper award-winning firms will explore the global macro issues that will drive the economy and investments in 2017.

  • EU and UK post-Brexit
  • New US presidency
  • Energy and Commodities
  • Regulation/Policy
  • China and Emerging Markets
  • Central Bank Policy

The new playing field for fund distribution

Fund companies are experiencing a period of change like no other. Client preferences, fee arrangements, regulation and data management are some of the most critical areas where fund companies are having to adjust to rapid and sometimes unpredictable change as they work to meet the needs of both wealth management clients and platforms. Leading distributors and industry veterans will offer their perspective on what they want from fund companies in this new era.

  • Robo advisors: How automation is changing the money management field
  • Revolution in portfolio management: Adjusting to the passive-active approach
  • The transparency revolution: CRM2 and the need to develop a firm-wide data management strategy
  • Fee-based solutions: The birth of a new business model
  • The best-interest standard: Doing business in an era of tighter investor protections


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